About us

Cassandra Errante is an independent and intercultural collective composed of academic scholars and students, gathered virtually for a critical analysis of the current global context.

We come from different areas, contexts and environments but we hold a common concern: to horizontally build a platform for public debate where we can express our knowledge and personal experiences and fluently share and analyse them.

Cassandra Errante is a colective adventure with an evident driving force: the protection of human rights in every aspect and dimension.

We don’t expect to create theories nor to offer absolut axioms but to stimulate awareness and, therefore, to have a pro-active attitude towards the world around us. Then, we would be able to modify, our way, the end of the story of mythological Cassandra.

“Yet, mad with zeal, and blinded with our fate,
We haul along the horse in solemn state;
Then place the dire portent within the tow’r.
Cassandra cried, and curs’d th’ unhappy hour;
Foretold our fate; but, by the god’s decree,
All heard, and none believ’d the prophecy.”

(Aeneid 2.323, Dryden translation)

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