News from Nepal

My thoughts about Nepal come with a quote by the Sevillian rapper TOTE king, which seems to me as precise as the sword of a classic hero: “Nature is wise, but it always barks up the wrong country”. It’s 27th September, 3218 deaths in Nepal, such a number.

3218 is a common figure, maybe, for a soldier. Well, at the end of the day, to die due to natural circumstances is up to be normal on this planet. Let’s think about the amount of people who die because of the famines all around the globe, because of mosquitoes” bite, or maybe because of having fever… All of that is just nature for those who have no paracetamol.

Meanwhile, Spain sends thirty tones of emergency material. It’s better to send than not to send at all, for sure, but allow me to, although it’s certainly not my cup of tea, bring an Alejandro Sanz’s quote up to say that: “To give away only what you don’t need/is not sharing but giving alms”. Of course something is better than nothing, but it should be brushing for those who blow their own trumpet talking about human conscience, when this barely fulfills the duty of being human.


At this point there’s room to think about if the fact that hurricanes, cyclones or earthquakes, or whatever, kill ten times more in Asia than in North-America is natural or not. Because the proper nature is the same everywhere, for example, if you stay with no food thirty days in Somalia, it would be normal to have the same symptoms than if you stay in the same way in Texas, USA. If you have fever in Kenya, the effects of it are the same in Cadiz, Spain. It seems to me that the big difference is that, if you stay thirty days with no food at the North of the Equator, it’s only because you are in a noble hungry strike, but there is no such a thing in Africa. And it seems to me that the great difference between having fever in Kenya and Cadiz is asking at the office: “Does anybody have an ibuprofen?” and several mates would offer you a pill.

It’s absolutely ridiculous to say that Nepal’s earthquake is produced by anything but nature, but it doesn’t seem that absurd to say that, beyond the 3218 dead people, there is an unfair international economical system.


Photo: Minervo

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