Citizen Repression Law

No Somos Delito se amordaza en Madrid contra la Ley de Seguridad Ciudadana del PP, cc Popicinio

No Somos Delito is gagged in Madrid against Citizen Safety Law, Popicinio cc

Dear Gag Law,

Excuse me if I call you in this way. There are so many people that use that nickname to refer to you that I have no choice. Even this way, I do not consider your real name appropriate either: Citizen Safety Law. In my opinion, it would be wiser something like: CITIZEN REPRESSION LAW. Yes, it fits perfectly with your content, don’t you think so?

I am writing to bring you to your senses. There is a great feeling of rejection by citizens and organizations towards your approval. A few days ago I read an article about you which said: “The Freedom is one of the top values and legal certainty is one of the defining regulatory principles of the Constitutional state” I am not a law specialist, but it is difficult for me to understand that those to whom power belongs could feel limited at the moment of taking decisions, could find out that some information is being hidden or could not be able to join for debate, for decision-making, to make their requests visible, etc. You already know that Democracy is much more than voting every four years.

How will people be able to exercise their power if  they are forbidden to express their opinion and decision? Where is democracy if violence and restriction exists towards those taking position? I know they may have repeated this to you many times, but I reiterate it to you once again: your approval directly AFFECTS about some RIGHTS and FREEDOMS so precious, so fought so far, in the name of which many people saw and still see their human rights violated and were and still being murdered. I don´t know how you dare to exist.

I will not go far back in history. I refer to those whose name becomes a number. For example, for sure it sounds familiar to you No. 43 (students of Iguala). Or, as a journalist, Reporters Without Borders 2013 report comes to my mind, which shows these figures: 71 journalists killed, 826 journalists detained or threatened, 2,160 journalists attacked or threatened, 87 journalists kidnapped, 6 media collaborators killed, 39 netizens and citizen journalists killed and 127 bloggers, netizens and journalists detained . Currently, Spain is not among the dangerous countries for journalists. Perhaps with these laws we will have the need to reconsider it.

You are risking our freedom of expression and information, our right of assembly and demonstration. You are challenging us, harming precisely what you try to protect. Justice and safety are not going to improve by attacking collective and individual citizen rights and freedoms. I would appreciate it if you could read what they have written about you in the report for the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of the Human Rights Council (HRC). To summarize, it refers to a clear regression of basic rights, such as education and  health and, with you,  civil and political rights have been added to the list. Even more, they stress the need of “a more exhaustive treatment of safety and justice topics”.

We will rebel again and again, we know how to do it, we gain more and more experience in organization and struggle. NGOs support us, groups and associations reject you.
We ordered guarantees of employment, education and public health. We get more investment in army and citizen repression. More indignation. I don’t know how many eyes you lack to realize that you are a mistake and not a solution.

Hereby and to finish, on the one hand, I ask you whether you are going to go ahead and to establish in our country, in spite of all the criticisms that you are receiving. Well, if you don’t feel ashamed to stay, I demand that you specify concepts and be more precise, for example: what do you mean by safety? or meeting? On the other hand, I suggest a new name and, therefore, a change in your attitude considering the risk situation we are facing. For example, 7 million people, 16% of the population, suffering from malnutrition (conclusion of the First Conference on Hunger and Malnutrition, Oviedo, October 2013) or insufficient regulation of social and health care to foreigners which endangers thousands of people and violates the right of asylum. Here is my suggestion:

How about a radical change and becoming a Social Protection Law, designed on the basis of real needs of citizenship?

Sincerely your faithful follower,


Foto: Popicinio

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